Reward our key workers and we'll reward you. Join our growing list of supporters.

About Us

We help reward our brilliant key workers by connecting them with brands that want to give back. We ask private sector companies to help fund our program by sponsoring key worker memberships. Our key workers get rewarded, our brand partners promote their products and our sponsors get coverage. Join our growing list of supporters today.


Your company rewards key workers


Key workers get access to rewards


We reward you by way of thanks

reward and receive

reward our brilliant key workers and we'll reward you. contact us to find out more.

Give an award

Any company can sponsor Key Worker membership cards. You'll engage with key workers in a sincere and meaningful way.

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Offer a reward

Your brand or service can offer key workers an exclusive reward. Give something back today.

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Sponsor & reward

Some of our partners sponsor Key Worker cards and offer them a reward. Join in today.

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Build back better

With your help we can ensure that all public sector key workers have access to exclusive rewards.

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Key Workers united

With your help we can attract more rewards & sponsors. With your help we can grow.

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key worker ball

Every year we will host the Key Worker ball and raise as much money as possible for voluntary key workers.

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Thank you

We thank all our current brand partners and corporate sponsors for your help in moving our mission forward.

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Our call to action for famous brands.

Get involved in giving back...

Download our call to action. Calling all famous brands. We politely request that all famous brands consider giving a reward to key workers.

We provide a secure and quality environment for brands to offer rewards to key workers. View our guide to offering a reward below.